Cannabidiol (CBD) has seen a significant popularity boost in recent years. Mounting research is steadily confirming some of the many health benefits commonly ascribed to the chemical compound. Demand has dramatically increased in response, and new merchants are springing up to meet the needs of this growing audience.

This means that many people are learning about CBD for the first time and curious to test its healing properties on themselves. Of course, anyone interested in using it for medicinal purposes must treat it like anything else they would use as a treatment. Learning and following the directions for proper CBD use is valuable. What they must hear is some information about why new CBD users need to start slowly.

The Magic of CBD Microdosing
Magic of microdosing

This is why just about everyone recommends that beginners practice microdosing. This means starting off with only a couple of milligrams, then gradually increasing the dosage you consume or use until you really start feeling it. Your goals are to acclimate yourself and to see the minimum dosage needed for effectiveness. You might not feel anything for a while because you are taking too little. Of course, that is still preferable to taking too much.

As for where you should start, this may vary based on what you are trying to treat. For example, you may need to begin with 200 mg of CBD for epilepsy (even then, first-timers may want to start with less). In contrast, your starting dosage for chronic pain would be a hundredth of that. Other factors may affect how much you need, such as your size and the ingredients of the CBD product you use.

What Happens When You Take Too Much CBD?
Getting Sleepy

At this point, you may be wondering: why wait? You may believe that taking higher doses right away is preferable to looking for the minimum. Either way, you will still feel the effects. However, before you try this, stop and consider whether you would apply that logic to pills and other medicines. If you would not go overboard with those treatments, you must take it easy with CBD as well.

To be clear, overdosing on CBD is next to impossible. As Bustle reports, “you would have to ingest almost 20,000 mg of CBD in a very short amount of time” before it becomes toxic. With that said, there are negative side effects to taking too much too quickly. According to one study, “the most commonly reported side effects were tiredness, diarrhea, and changes of appetite/weight.” These are not the worst risks one could receive from a health treatment, but you should still avoid them.


Starting slowly is ideal because taking too much can hamper your health while taking too little simply does not do much. To find out how much you need to feel the effects of CBD, beginners should add a few mg at a time to their dose. It may take several weeks before you start feeling the effects. However, finding that ideal minimum is worthwhile.

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