Over the centuries-long history of people using cannabidiol (CBD), several different intake methods have been developed. Among many other examples, this compound can be applied to the skin, or vaporized with heat and taken into the lungs. Each technique comes with its own advantages, but all of them can be effective with care and practice.

One particularly popular form of getting CBD into the body is the CBD tincture. Here is some information on the benefits of using CBD tinctures, as opposed to other forms of CBD treatments.

Many Flavors

Ingesting CBD with Appealing Flavors

Aside from topical application and smoke inhalation, a common way to get CBD into your system is ingestion. Drops of CBD oil can be added to and mixed in with drinks or foods. You could also drip a couple under your tongue, wait a few seconds for absorption to happen, and swallow what remains of the formula.

You can do the same with tinctures, but they come with a bonus benefit. While other kinds of CBD oils are steeped in alcohol and mixed with other carrier oils, tinctures contain ingredients that give them flavor. You can get all the benefits of CBD in a way that leaves an appealing taste in your mouth.

Sublingual Tongue

Sublingual Absorption Speeds are Nearly Instant

The sublingual method is the name for the aforementioned technique of applying drops of CBD tincture to the underside of your tongue. Many CBD users find this method quite appealing, and not just because of the flavors, you can get from a tincture. Getting the drops directly under the tongue can result in near-instant absorption, whereas the ingestion of CBD oil-laden food and drink requires digestion.

Many first-timers find themselves disappointed because their chosen intake method did not give them the effects of CBD as immediately as they wanted. The quick speed of the sublingual method may be great for those who want to give CBD tinctures a try — or a second try.

Long Lasting CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures Have Extended Shelf Life

Due to the heavy concentration of CBD in the solution, tinctures can only be taken a few drops at a time. Even if you purchase only the smallest bottles, you may still take quite a while to reach the bottom. This time required for completion is only increased if you do not use it every day.

Thankfully, this is not a problem with CBD tinctures because they can go a long while without getting bad. These liquids usually come in dark bottles to keep sunlight and heat from affecting the contents. People who wish to pace themselves can take as much time as they want.

Buy High-Quality CBD Tinctures!

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