Businesses that specialize in cannabidiol (CBD) products typically gear the language on their online product and category pages towards experienced users. This approach is convenient for that audience. However, people who are new to CBD may find themselves with many questions and concerns regarding the terms they read and the items they see.

One type of CBD product that is ripe for misunderstandings is THC-free CBD oil. The name alone brings up all kinds of questions regarding tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound that is infamous for producing the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Here, we will dispel commonly-held assumptions and provide some information to help people understand the true nature of this type of product and its benefits.

A Clarifier Regarding THC in CBD Products

We would be remiss if we were not honest from the beginning, so we might as well be straightforward about it. The term “THC-free” should not be interpreted too literally. CBD products will always have some amount of that chemical. After all, they are derived from plants in the cannabis family, which share many properties in common — including the presence of THC. No matter how much distillation a manufacturer does during the process of creating CBD products, the final batch will never be totally devoid of it.

With that said, we would also be remiss if we did not clarify that CBD products are still practically THC-free. According to the laws of the United States, manufacturers can only legally offer products with a maximum of 0.3% THC. That translates to three drops of THC in every thousand parts. Anyone concerned about experiencing a psychoactive reaction after using CBD has fallen for one of the more pervasive CBD myths. These products are nothing like marijuana and have entirely different effects on one’s physical and mental health.

Determining How Much TCH is in CBD Products

Manufacturers must think about the 0.3% maximum requirements as they work on their products. At the start of this process, they extract oil from either a hemp plant or a cannabis plant. They then work to isolate cannabidiol and remove as much as possible of the many other compounds present in the oil. This requires extensive distillation — usually with alcohol, which is itself removed from the final product during the process. By the end of the process, the manufacturer should have removed almost all of the THC in the extract.

If manufacturers wish to be seen as reputable, they send samples of their products to third-party labs. Unbiased professionals can then investigate the chemical composition of these concoctions. Part of this, naturally, involves checking for the amount of THC present in the product. Once these professionals are confident about their findings, they share them with the manufacturer, who can then adjust their methods accordingly. If you were wondering where these percentages came from in the first place, now you know.

What Makes a CBD Product “THC-Free?”

Anyone would be perfectly reasonable in asking what differentiates THC-free CBD oil from other products in the category. As we described near the beginning of this article, CBD oil products are already wholly devoid of the controversial chemical. Manufacturers have no choice but to keep the amount of THC in their products so low. The practice is in accordance with the laws currently in place, and infractions put them at risk of facing harsh legal consequences.

With all of this background information out of the way, we can finally answer the question. What makes a CBD product “THC-free” is detectability. If the third-party lab can assess that the CBD oil contains as much as 0.3%, then they were able to detect the presence of the compound. To wit, there is still enough THC that they could calculate just how much of the oil is comprised of it.

CBD products can only be labeled “THC-free” if so little THC remains that professionals cannot detect it with their equipment. They know that there must be THC in the product — as we mentioned earlier, you cannot have CBD without some. However, there is not enough for them to confidently calculate an approximate amount. That is how you know the item in question is a true example of THC-free CBD oil.

Using THC-Free CBD Oil for Drug Tests

The differences between THC-free CBD oil and CBD oil with 0.3% THC are scant. If all the chemicals and properties are otherwise the same, then the effects they have on a person are practically identical. With that said, there is at least one notable benefit of using THC-free CBD oil instead. It increases a person’s chances of beating a drug test.

Conventional CBD oil only has as many as three drops of THC in every thousand drops of oil. As we stated, this amount is not nearly enough to put someone under the influence. Many therefore jump to the conclusion that using CBD oil before undergoing a drug test will have negligible effect, if not a total lack of effect. They may be mistaken: that trace amount could never get someone high, but it could just be enough to show up on the test. The chances of being turned down for even a tiny trace of THC on a test are significant. This applies even in towns, states, and areas where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use.

As you might expect, the overwhelming majority of employers dislike the slightest possibility of an employee being intoxicated in the workplace. It also does not help that many people, especially older folks who are more likely to be bosses, lack any awareness of CBD. If they catch the slightest hint of THC in a drug test, you cannot realistically count on them to believe that it comes from CBD use. You cannot even expect them to understand that CBD is different from marijuana, or that you take it for your health.

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