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Alternate Vape - CBD Infused Vape e-Juice

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Alternate Vape 
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Attention! Our CBD e-liquid is made with an MCT oil base, which must be vaped at a low voltage (max 5V). Please check your vaporizer pen’s manual or contact the manufacturer to confirm its voltage level(s). Thank you!

Alternate Vape’s new MCT CBD e-liquid blows the competition away for cannabidiol content. We don’t pack a measly 25mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle of e-juice like some of our competition does. We PACK 15ml with at least 500mg CBD Per bottle!

CBD E-Liquid
Each bottle of our Reformulated MCT based CBD e-liquid is custom made to your order specifications, and as such can take up to 4 business days for production before it is shipped to you. It is worth the wait, though!

Custom blend your CBD e-liquid in a 15ml bottle today in one of the great tasting flavors.

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