The availability and popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) have significantly increased throughout the country in recent years. This is at least partly due to its versatility. People can find hundreds of different brews and concoctions with the compound as a key ingredient. If they have a preferred flavor or scent, or if they want to treat a specific ailment, they can find a CBD-infused item to match their needs and wants.

This extends to how people can get CBD into their system. There are a variety of intake methods people can try, and some are deceptively similar — namely, CBD tinctures and CBD oil. Here is some information to help people understand the difference between these substances.

What's the difference between CBD Tinctures vs. CBD Oils?

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures

As surprising as this answer may be, CBD tinctures are in fact a type of CBD oil. Manufacturers produce these liquids by extracting the right bits from hemp and steeping them in alcohol. For extra taste, they may instead be steeped in other oils and mixed with flavors like peppermint.

CBD users can consume tinctures in a few different ways. They can drip the liquid into their drinks or even on top of their food, which can add even more flavor. Those who want to feel the effects faster can achieve near-instant absorption with the “sublingual” approach. This entails dripping a few drops under their tongue.

No matter how you choose to ingest them, CBD tinctures are designed to take effect quickly. Of course, new users should be careful and start slow.


CBD Oils

All tinctures are made with CBD oil, but not all CBD oil products are tinctures. One major aspect that makes tinctures unique from other kinds of CBD oil is how they are made. Tinctures have an alcohol base, while CBD oils may have a base made from a variety of oils, such as hemp seed and coconut.

All types of CBD oil products can be dripped under the tongue or swallowed normally. CBD tinctures distinguish themselves from other kinds with their incorporation of flavoring ingredients. Unfortunately, those very same components may also irritate the skin, meaning that other CBD oils are desirable if your preferred use of CBD is in the form of a topical treatment.

With this said, the terms “CBD tinctures” and “CBD oils” tend to be used interchangeably. Reading the list of ingredients on the container may prove helpful for discerning which name best describes the product you are holding.

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