In nature, cannabidiol (CBD) only really comes in one form: an organic compound within hemp and cannabis plants. Human ingenuity can take what is found in nature and profoundly transform it. As a result of the growing subculture surrounding CBD, people can now find that compound in many different forms.

Anyone new to or interested in trying CBD may not know where to start or what they might like. If this is the case for you, then you might be relieved to know that there is no wrong answer. CBD enthusiasts only developed these different intake methods because different people have different preferences. The key is to discover which one best matches your own tastes. Here is some advice on how to take CBD, including information on five of the best and most popular methods.


The rise in CBD’s popularity has coincided with the development and subsequent spread of vaping. It is little wonder, then, that the two trends intersected, resulting in a highly popular form of intake. We feel the need to clarify that one cannot get “high” from inhaling CBD in the way that people do when smoking cannabis. One can, thankfully, get the compound right into their bloodstream and experience its health benefits.

Vaping CBD is popular in part because it is one of the quickest intake methods out there. According to Healthline, you will “absorb 34 and 56 percent of the CBD” within a mere ten minutes. Another benefit is that controlling how much CBD you vape is simple. Each cartridge comes with a limited amount of liquid, and you light up for as long or as briefly as you like.

Tinctures and Oils

Some people want to feel the effects of CBD as immediately as possible, yet prefer not to vape or smoke anything. Their best bet might be CBD oils. Manufacturers make them by extracting CBD from hemp plants and steeping them in bases made of various oils. Tinctures are a type of oil made with a base of alcohol. Either way, the result is a liquid product.

You may not be able to smoke tinctures and oils, but you can ingest them. All you need to do is drip a few drops — just a few! — into your drinks or even your food. You can experience the benefits in as little as ten minutes or as much as an hour. One trick for slashing that wait time is sublingual ingestion, which means dripping those drops under your tongue.


Not everyone can tolerate the taste of tinctures and oils. However, they do not need to completely write off ingestion as an option. They can just cut out the middleman and purchase food that contains CBD as an ingredient. An hour or two may pass between the first bite and the point when your stomach successfully digests and absorbs the CBD. Still, in the hands of the right baker, your edibles may have a more appealing taste.

Edibles may come in many different forms. You can chew on gummies, crunch on hard candies, or treat yourself to full-on baked goods. People can get quite creative with their confections. If you can think of a kind of food that works great as dessert, odds are good that you can get it with CBD included. Better still, you can take your snack on the go and get some CBD in you without anyone suspecting.


Perhaps taste does not matter much to you, or sugary sweets simply do not agree with you for one reason or another. Perhaps you discount dripping CBD oils and tinctures as well, but still like the concept of ingestion. One more solution is available to you: capsules. This one seems like an obvious idea. Many cite CBD as an effective treatment against a variety of maladies. Why should it not take a form common to medicine? They may take longer before becoming effective than other methods, but once they do, they remain effective for several hours.

A typical CBD capsule is 10 mgs, and taking just one or two should suffice for most people. Some companies offer capsules with higher dosages, like 15 mg. No matter what, the bottle will offer clear directions. While no one can really overdose on CBD oil, you should take it slowly. Studies show that taking a lot at one time can result in fatigue, diarrhea, and other side effects that may not be very dangerous but are still unpleasant.


You can get CBD into your system through the lungs, the stomach, and even the underside of the tongue. One more intake option gets CBD through the skin. Topical products come in many forms, such as creams, salves, lotions, and balms. All of them are designed to permeate the many layers of the dermis and enter the body.

If you just want to get CBD inside you, then most other types of products will do the job faster than topicals. On the other hand, and as you might have guessed, topicals may have a great advantage over others in treating skin conditions. CBD is rich in antioxidants, and it has been found to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Applying it directly on inflamed skin can make for a great all-natural anti-aging cream, as well as a better and faster treatment for eczema and acne.

Order CBD Products Online

Anyone interested in trying CBD for themselves can choose from more than a few intake methods. The five listed above are not even the only available options. They are, however, some of the most popular and effective ways of experiencing the compound and its many potential positive effects.

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